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Member listings are for individuals. Please enter your personal name. Do not put your law firm or business name.

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This field will display on search results pages.  Please enter 50 words or less to tell a potential client why they should choose you.

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Main Profile Images

Each member listing must contain a headshot that meets the following requirements:
  1. Be in portrait (vertical) orientation, not landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  2. Be high quality (at least 300px or higher)
  3. Not be larger than 1MB in file size. (This helps your profile to load faster)
  4. Be a headshot only. (With no other information present on the picture)
Need Help with your images? Just email and we’re happy to help.

Additional Images

You can upload up to 4 additional images. These additional images can be of any size, shape, or orientation. As well they can contain any additional information you wish to display. Some examples would be a Logo, a certifications or insignia, or any additional images that wouldn’t meet our main profile image guidelines.


Please enter your contact phone with area code.


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Your main website. (ex.


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