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6 reviews
  • Brenda Ezell

    Our firm hired Blane McCarthy to mediate a case for us and I was very impressed with his professionalism and his polite and caring demeanor. He made our clients feel relaxed in an otherwise stressful situation. His staff and office accommodations were equally impressive and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I have placed Blane at the top of my list for mediation services in the future and would highly recommend him. A+++

  • Joel Harris

    Blane did a great job getting a couple of cases resolved for us at mediation. It is extremely helpful to have someone who has litigated cases like this and at a high level for a long time. It is great to have someone who gets the in’s and out’s of this type of work mediating a case. He will definitely be seeing us more going forward.

  • Hillary Mesa

    Mr. McCarthy is a great mediator. He worked extremely hard on a commercial litigation matter of which I was representing the Defendants. I was extremely weary going into the mediation as I was fairly sure that it was not going to be successful. I truly believe that it would not have come to a resolution if we were working with a different mediator. He worked extremely well with the parties as well as the attorneys involved. Additionally, the Zoom mediation was seamless with Mr. McCarthy. I have done numerous Zoom mediations that do not go smoothly due to the mediator’s inability to work the platform. That was not the case in our mediation. I have recommended Mr. McCarthy to other attorneys and I will continue to do so.

  • Andrea Martin

    Mr. McCarthy is an effective mediator who manages time wisely for parties and attorneys as they navigate negotiations. I was impressed he took the time to reach out to the attorneys involved prior to mediation in our contentious commercial litigation matter – which I found helpful on all fronts! I will most certainly use Mr. McCarthy again if I have the opportunity.

  • Rachel Cocciolo

    We have utilized Blane’s services in a variety of cases, most recent in a hotly-contested commercial litigation case. Blane’s calm demeanor and even-handed approach defused the tension between the parties and led to a creative resolution that satisfied everyone. Based on his track record of facilitating great results, we are eager to mediate future cases with Blane. –Adrian Rust and Rachel Cocciolo, Burr & Forman LLP

  • Jineane McMinn

    Blane did a wonderful job mediating a tough case to get it settled. I highly recommend him to other attorneys!

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