Why Join the Christian Lawyer Directory?

We aim to assemble a directory of lawyers who are competent, accountable and genuinely Christian. Our platform is not just about connecting you with potential clients; it’s about fostering a network of like-minded professionals who understand the unique intersection of faith and law.

Our Membership Criteria sets out minimum requirements, including agreeing to a Statement of Faith, and submitting to a Code of Conduct. You can read more on our About Page. Below are some reasons why you should join, testimonials from several of our member lawyers, and membership FAQs.

Whether you’re seeking increased visibility with clients or spiritual enrichment, join now to get access to our continually evolving premium features.

Full-service directory listing.

Benefits of CLD Membership

Increased Traffic

Our marketing efforts have led to a surge in traffic to our directory, directly benefiting our members. As a member, you can expect even more potential clients to have the opportunity to find your profile.

Search Engine Impact

Your membership will boost your online visibility, making it easier for clients to find you. Many CLD members enjoy prominent organic rankings of their profile further legitimizing your online presence and personal brand.

Spiritual Enrichment

We understand the unique challenges and rewards of being a Christian lawyer. Members gain access to specially curated, spiritually enriching content to support both your practice and faith journey

Referral Network

Expand your professional network. This is an invaluable opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded and faith-sharing professionals across the country.

Premium Features

We are continually adding new profile features that allow for greater visibility and increased engagement with potential clients, including publishing member lawyer articles and creating Member Lawyer Spotlight interview videos.

Feature Highlight: Member Lawyer Spotlight

Member Lawyer Spotlight is a special feature available to all Christian Lawyer Directory members. These brief 5-7 minute interview recordings shine a light on the diverse and dedicated individuals within our Christian Lawyer Directory. It serves to highlight their unique journeys, achievements, and contributions to the legal field, fostering a sense of community and inspiring others with shared values and professional commitment. This is our way of celebrating our members and showcasing the dynamic, compassionate legal expertise within our community.

These spotlight videos will be embedded into the member lawyer's profile page (see below) and also hosted under the Videos tab on the website.

Feature Highlight: Member Articles

Being a featured article writer promotes your practice to Google and to thousands of directory visitors each month - all while giving your own website an SEO boost.

Fast facts about the Christian Lawyer Directory

All 50 States

Each month users from all 50 states search for a lawyer on the directory

450% Growth

450% growth in Christian Lawyer Directory website traffic compared to the previous two years


Greatly expanded digital marketing efforts and strategy with continual Google campaigns that bring in Christians searching for legal help

5,000,000 +

Over 5,000,000 Christians saw a Christian Lawyer Directory sponsored ad through a digital touchpoint in 2022

Membership Dues

$ 40 Per Month
  • ☑ Monthly: There are no long-term commitments. Membership is always month-to-month, cancelable at any time.
  • ☑ Connectivity: No other platform gives the Christian population as complete and user-friendly a connection to lawyers who share their faith.
  • ☑ Community: Member lawyers can pursue relationships with other local or distant member lawyers, developing their own networks for personal growth and client referrals.
  • ☑ Godly: Joining the Christian Lawyer Directory means acknowledging Jesus as Lord. God is pleased when His children publicly declare their faith and live it in their workplaces and professional lives.

Frequently asked questions.

Have a question? You can find the answers for the most common questions asked by our lawyer directory members.

Getting Started

Everything you’ll need to know to begin

The Christian Lawyer Directory works on an honor system, asking that all member lawyers acknowledge and agree to our Statement of Faith and our Code of Conduct. Admittedly, it is not a perfect or foolproof method of screening.

Yet, we hope and anticipate that our member lawyers are sincere and genuine in their faith. We are not looking for lawyers who live their faith on Sundays only, nor lawyers who are Christian in name only, claiming Christianity because they cannot claim anything else.

Should a member lawyer fail to meet these standards, their membership will be involuntarily terminated. We will not allow any member lawyer to tarnish the excellent name of Christ. 

Listings are displayed based on search criteria entered, but are also randomly reshuffled every hour, so no listing is always first or last.

Membership requires payment of a $40 monthly fee.  Membership will always be month-to-month, with no long term contracts or commitments.

Dues will be paid via automated, monthly credit/debit card charges.  No other form of payment is accepted.

Ours is not a long-term, high risk commitment. Membership is month-to-month, paid via automated, monthly credit/debit card charges. A member lawyer can cancel or modify his or her membership at any time via a timely cancellation request (see next FAQ below).  The Christian Lawyer Directory reserves the right to terminate any lawyer’s membership: “For cause”, if the lawyer breaches the membership contract terms. “At its discretion” via immediate cancellation (with a pro-rata dues refund for the portion of the month voided) or via non-renewal at the end of the paid month.

No.  Simply click this button and complete the form for your listing to be removed and your automated credit/debit charge to be canceled.  Cancellation requests must be submitted 10 days before the end of the month to avoid that next month’s charge.

Blane McCarthy

Founder | Christian Lawyer Directory
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer since 2010
Certified Circuit Mediator since 2000

I felt the Holy Spirit directing me in 2008 to found the Christian Lawyer Directory (“CLD”) to help those of us who truly know Christ to honor Him in our profession.

Our members benefit from CLD’s dual purpose of giving Christian lawyers a public platform to align with Jesus and giving Christians easy access to lawyers who share their faith.

First, CLD grows practices. Members are featured on a niche website that draws 10,000 monthly visitors. Our members’ online presence improves by publishing blog articles and having listings that often rank higher in organic searches than do their own websites. Our members share resources, knowledge, prospective clients, and pooled dues revenues to generate greater internet promotion than any one member could otherwise afford. All of this at a low $40/month cost that will always be month-to-month, cancelable at any time.

Second, CLD grows faith. Monthly devotionals challenge our members to take a stand for Jesus, persevere during trials (legal pun intended), and live their true Christian identity in their profession. Our community of fellow believers collectively encourages each to remain faithful. By their public faith profession, members honor the Lord by letting their light shine so others may see their good deeds and praise their Father in heaven.

That’s what the Christian Lawyer Directory is all about. Please join the team that answers to a higher calling.

Join the team that answers to a Higher Authority.

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