Code of Conduct

I am not only declaring myself to be a Christian lawyer, I am promising to behave like one.
  • I will honor my commitments.
  • I will conduct my public and private life in a professional and honorable manner.
  • I will treat others with courtesy and respect.
  • I will pursue peaceful resolutions to legal matters.
  • I will keep my clients informed of their legal matters and will promptly return all reasonable calls they place.
  • I will keep matters confidential and privileged where requested by clients or required by law.
  • I will charge a reasonable rate for my legal services.
  • I will properly safeguard all funds or items entrusted to me.
  • I will be truthful to all when doing so does not violate a client confidence. If I cannot be honest and maintain a client confidence, I will either remain silent or withdraw from the matter.
  • I refuse to compromise my integrity or that of the legal system on account of a client, case, cause or potential compensation.
I will do all of this, and more, to live a life that demonstrates the genuineness of my faith and salvation.