Member Lawyer Spotlight: Blane McCarthy

By Member Lawyer

I’m Blane McCarthy, a Jacksonville attorney since 1995 and mediator since 2000. As a Certified Circuit Mediator, I help bring peaceful resolutions to disputes in a way that is quick, professional, and cost-effective.

Types of cases mediated: Personal Injury, Commercial, Probate, Foreclosure, Consumer, Nursing Home, Construction, Insurance, Collections.

This is what I “do” in my legal career.  Yet, being a lawyer is not my identity. First and foremost, I am a Jesus follower. My goal is to remain true to my Christian faith in every aspect of my life, including my profession.  Many people wrongly think that the words Christian attorney do not go together. Being a Christian lawyer is not only possible, but necessary and advisable for those who also follow Jesus.

When I identify myself as a Christian lawyer, I intend to convey that I am a Christian first and a lawyer second. I will not force my Christian faith on you and will respect your right to privacy and choice about personal spiritual matters. But I do strive to represent myself in a way that honors my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I aim to demonstrate the genuineness of the label Christian attorney.

Trevor Neely
Author: Trevor Neely

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