Member Lawyer Spotlight: Olivia Chick

By Member Lawyer


Olivia A. Chick is committed to seeking fair, equitable and dignified resolutions to your divorce or family law conflict. Olivia’s experience enables her to bring open communication and a sense of control to the emotional and chaotic environment of family law proceedings. As a Christian attorney she is able to approach every conflict with prayer, and wisdom and strives to resolve every conflict with guidance from the Lord.

Olivia practices law in both Nebraska and Iowa. Her main practice surrounds family law matters including but not limited to: divorce, separation, custody, guardianships, wills, and estates.

Member Spotlight is a special feature that shines a light on the diverse and dedicated individuals within our Christian Lawyer Directory. It serves to highlight their unique journeys, achievements, and contributions to the legal field, fostering a sense of community and inspiring others with shared values and professional commitment. This is our way of celebrating our members and showcasing the dynamic, compassionate legal expertise within our community.


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