Member Lawyer Spotlight: Jennifer A. McGee, Esq.

By Member Lawyer



At McGee Law, we prioritize clients’ success by building professional relationships. Our attorneys thrive where opportunity and risk converge. We are known for pushing our skills and knowledge to develop solutions that can produce incredible outcomes. Your objectives are our objectives. We will work as a team and ensure our attorneys provide you with the most thoughtful legal guidance – together, inching toward achieving your goals. We will ensure you are well acquainted with your actions’ long-term and short-term consequences while we enlighten you about potential opportunities.


Member Spotlight is a special feature that shines a light on the diverse and dedicated individuals within our Christian Lawyer Directory. It serves to highlight their unique journeys, achievements, and contributions to the legal field, fostering a sense of community and inspiring others with shared values and professional commitment. This is our way of celebrating our members and showcasing the dynamic, compassionate legal expertise within our community.

Trevor Neely
Author: Trevor Neely

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