How Parental Rights Can Be Terminated for Exposure to Child Abuse

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Michigan Courts take a strict view of parents who commit child abuse but also if a parent was not at fault for the child abuse in certain circumstances. Michigan Courts always look to the best interest of the child, not the parent.


Pursuant to a recent Court of Appeals decision, MCL 722.638(2) does not limit the request for termination of parental rights at the initial dispositional hearing to only the suspected perpetrator of child abuse. The Court found that this statute also applies to a parent suspected of placing the child at an unreasonable risk of harm by failing to take reasonable steps to eliminate the risk. See, In re SMITH-TAYLOR, Michigan Court of Appeals, No 356585 decision rendered October 14, 2021.


If you are seeking to protect your parental rights in a Michigan or New York termination proceeding, contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law.

Trevor Neely
Author: Trevor Neely

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