What our Member Lawyers are saying

I just wanted to let you know my experience with the Christian Lawyer Directory has been terrific. In my first month of subscribing to your website I saw an increase in calls to my firm, and I have several new clients as a result of my listing with Christian Lawyer Directory. I appreciate a forum that allows me to profess my faith and my profession simultaneously while reaching potential clients. I recommend Christian Lawyer Directory to any Christian attorney who wants to reach fellow Christians as clients, and to any Christian seeking an attorney.

Bill Gwaltney



emery The Christian Lawyer Directory is by far my best referral source. I get at least five to eight calls a month, and usually one to three clients who actually retain me. In addition, because these clients are Christians they have generally put a great deal of thought into the process and tend to be better informed than clients who come through other sources.

Alison N. Emery, Esquire


I am impressed with the quality of referrals I receive from the Christian Lawyer Directory. I attribute these referrals to the selective and targeted marketing of CLD through other advertising media, like radio and the Internet. In fact, I retained an out-of-state commercial litigation client through CLD.

Jo-Anne Yau



kelly I have been a member of CLD (and its predecessor JCLD) since 2009. The experience has been tremendous. In addition to the many referrals I have received, I have enjoyed the relationships I have developed with the other members. CLD’s founder does a wonderful job and is constantly exploring new ways to get our information to the public.

Brian Kelly


This website reaches out to those who believe it is important not just to have a skilled lawyer, but a lawyer who shares their faith. I have found that most clients who find lawyers over the Internet are generally harder to establish good working relationships with as compared to clients referred by my other traditional sources of business, such as referrals from other attorneys. But this Internet marketing site is an exception, and produces clients with whom I almost always enjoy working.

Scott Schuler



setzer The clients who contact me through the CLD are looking for someone to represent them who shares their Christian worldview. The commonality of faith creates a level of confidence from the beginning. It’s been a wonderful experience!

Judi Setzer, Esquire


I only recently joined CLD and have already gained a few clients from the website. This has been a great experience for me and I am glad that I joined. CLD works..

Matt Kearce



david_a_paul I have signed up one case from the Christian Lawyer Directory. A great guy needed a malpractice lawyer and we connected. We fought the case hard and just resolved the case for 1.65 million. Happy client. Happy lawyer. God is good. Thank you for being faithful to the vision. I pray this email inspires you to press forward.

David A. Paul