Membership Criteria

I hereby agree to the following terms of membership in the Christian Lawyer Directory (“CLD”): I have and will continue to satisfy the following membership criteria:

·         Member in good standing of my state bar and/or actively licensed by my state.

·         Have at least 2 years of active experience in specialties selected

·         Carry at least $100,000 of liability insurance

·         Agree to the following Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct

While I am a member lawyer, CLD will include and display my profile information on its website and will continue to promote its services as outlined on its website. I am responsible for providing CLD with correct profile information, as CLD displays what I submit to it, even if my submission is erroneous.

When/if CLD institutes a membership dues requirement, I agree that my continued membership will be conditioned on my paying said dues in a timely fashion.  My failure to do so will entitle me to immediate removal from the CLD website and to cancellation/suspension of my membership.

I acknowledge that CLD has the contractual right to terminate/suspend my membership and remove me from its website…

o  For cause, if I breach the terms of this contract, including the Code of Conduct (with no pro-rata refund of dues for the portion of the paid membership period voided), OR

o  At its discretion, via immediate cancellation (with a pro-rata refund of dues for the portion of the paid membership period voided) or nonrenewal at the end of the paid membership period.

I agree that any disputes as to this contract will be governed by Florida law, and that the exclusive venue for any legal actions that result from this contract will be Jacksonville, Florida. I hereby submit myself to the jurisdiction of Florida courts for the enforcement of this contract – by either party. I agree that I am not entitled to membership in CLD and that CLD shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages flowing from any aspect of this contract. I accept that CLD’s maximum legal liability to me will be a refund of the membership dues paid by me for the paid membership period at issue. I further agree that CLD will have a right to recover all legal expenses, including attorney’s fees, if it successfully prosecutes or defends any dispute arising from this contract.



Revision date: October 2019