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  • Samantha

    Doug is extremely knowledgable, experienced, and (almost as importantly) truly cares about the children at the center of his cases. In the almost 7 years I have been navigating the probate court, I learned just how hard it is to even find a lawyer who is willing to navigate the very particular & complicated nuances of guardianships & adoptions. Probate lawyers would say they only did conservatorships and uncontested guardianships. Family Law lawyers would say they don’t do probate at all. Even the lawyers who were willing just didn’t have much experience in the area to speak of.

    Not only is Doug familiar with these cases, he specializes in them. He’s helped to shape the applicable laws & to defend them on appeal. I cannot express the amount of relief retaining Doug brought. I knew from our previous interactions that he genuinely cared & I knew from the word GO that he was worth every penny when he executed & filed a document in less than a week that I had been working for half a year to figure out on my own. Not only that, but when I was overwhelmed, confused, etc by a new development, Doug always had seen it before and was able to confidently navigate it while keeping me feeling informed and involved.

    I highly recommend reaching out to Doug for any guardianship or adoption related services, regardless of your beliefs, but I have to say as a believer, I cannot express what it means to have your lawyer be taking your child & the case that affects their life before the throne of God. Doug would often solicit prayers throughout our interactions. During our recent trial, he was exhorting the prayer warriors who came to the courthouse daily & acknowledged the work they were doing alongside us. He even shared that he had invited his small group to pray for us. Having a great lawyer is one kind of comfort, but having a lawyer who turns to the power & mercy of God is a comfort on a much deeper level. Another similarly experienced lawyer might have been able to try the case well, but I’m certain that many things that happened in that courtroom were direct answers to our joined prayers. You won’t go wrong in hiring Doug.

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