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There are no long-term commitments. Membership is always month-to-month, cancelable at any time.


Each lawyer profile has its own analytics account to track traffic data. A monthly analytics report is automatically emailed to member lawyers, who can access their data at any time when signing into their account.


No other platform gives the Christian population as complete and user-friendly a connection to lawyers who share their faith.


Member lawyers can pursue relationships with other local or distant member lawyers, developing their own networks for personal growth and client referrals.



Joining the Christian Lawyer Directory means acknowledging Jesus as Lord. God is pleased when His children publicly declare their faith and live it in their workplaces and professional lives.

Frequently asked questions.

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Getting Started

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The Christian Lawyer Directory works on an honor system, asking that all member lawyers acknowledge and agree to our Statement of Faith and our Code of Conduct. Admittedly, it is not a perfect or foolproof method of screening.

Yet, we hope and anticipate that our member lawyers are sincere and genuine in their faith. We are not looking for lawyers who live their faith on Sundays only, nor lawyers who are Christian in name only, claiming Christianity because they cannot claim anything else.

Should a member lawyer fail to meet these standards, their membership will be involuntarily terminated. We will not allow any member lawyer to tarnish the excellent name of Christ. 

Listings are displayed based on search criteria entered, but are also randomly reshuffled every hour, so no listing is always first or last.

The Christian Lawyer Directory will gather analytics not just for the entire site, but also for each member lawyer listing.  Starting in early 2020, we will email a monthly analytics report to each member lawyer.

Membership is currently free of charge.  After a period of heavy investment to revamp, rebrand and optimize the website to generate sufficiently impressive traffic data, we intend to implement monthly dues of $40, with additional features or premium listing placement options available at additional cost.  We expect to shift toward the monthly dues in Spring/early Summer 2020, and will notify all of our existing Member Lawyers so each can review their listing’s analytics data and decide whether to have their listings remain (and thus provide credit card information) or be removed.  There will be no surprise charges, nor any way to impose a charge unless we received your voluntary submission of credit card information (which we do not presently have).

Once we begin implementing monthly dues, they will be paid only via automated, monthly credit/debit card charges. No other form of payment is accepted.

Ours is not a long-term, high risk commitment. Membership is month-to-month, paid via automated, monthly credit/debit card charges. A member lawyer can cancel or modify his or her membership at any time via a timely cancellation request (see next FAQ below).  The Christian Lawyer Directory reserves the right to terminate any lawyer’s membership: “For cause”, if the lawyer breaches the membership contract terms. “At its discretion” via immediate cancellation (with a pro-rata dues refund for the portion of the month voided) or via non-renewal at the end of the paid month.

No.  Simply click this button and complete the form for your listing to be removed and your automated credit/debit charge to be canceled.  Cancellation requests must be submitted 10 days before the end of the month to avoid that next month’s charge.

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